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Our Staff

The team at Allen Parish Library is always available to answer questions, find a book, or help find references. Our staff shares a passion for literature and a commitment to ensure access of all library resources.


Director: Agnes Guillory


Technical Services Coordinator- Ashley Weaver
Outreach Service Coordinator- Chalanda Wilson
Maintenance & Security Supervisor- Michael Guillory

Oberlin Branch:

Branch Manager- Gail Bazinet                                              Program Coordinator- Jolie Dubriel
Branch Assistant- Aretha John                                              Branch Floater- Nikey Cole
Business Manager- Danielle Manuel                                     Custodian- Betty Tucker

Oakdale Branch:

Branch Manager- Brenda Tichy                                              Circulation Staff- Leanna Ingalls
Branch Assistant- Kenneth Miller                                           Custodian- Cindy Schexscheider
Circulation Staff- Tina Anderson                                    

Kinder Branch:

Branch Manager- Brenda Tillis                                               Custodian- Cindy Schexscheider
Branch Assistant- Deanna Jackson                                           
Circulation Staff- Mary Captain                                    

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